Friday, May 25, 2012

Econ Club Minutes - May 25th

The Econ Club is progressing according to a plan. Here are the tasks that we decided on at the last meeting:

  • Nick will wrestle control of the Facebook away from Patrick Emerson
  • Vivian will look into having a presentation on graduate school next week if there is enough interest.
  • Everyone will work on developing a library for the econ lab. Jesus/Joe will work on cleaning the shelf in the break room and eventually move it into the econ lab
  • Jesus will send out an email about upcoming seminars
  • Josh will work on keeping track of econ alumni  
  • Jesus will run meetings more professionally
  • Mervin is taking minutes at meetings
  • Mervin will also evaluate whether Facebook or Blackboard is a better medium for the Club's communication
  • Nick will hassle Mai to start going to the Econ Club again
  • Pratchet is writing a rebuttal to the gender discrimination post that was posted on the barometer earlier this week
The price of failure is to purchase a YOLO coozie and bottle opener from Pratchet.

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